An epic teaser video for an an Australian startup company.

Earth 2, an ambitious new online game + our poetic take on a grand new idea.





A 1:1 scale replica of Earth where you can buy and trade land online.

We utilized satellite imagery sourced from NASA when creating our CG Earth.





A tactile and personal way to present the concept of digital land ownership.

Small cubic slices of terrain, complete with snow capped peaks and tropical lagoons.





Mirror landscapes, warping worlds and epic vistas

Vast symmetrical landscapes distort perception and introduce the idea of a parallel 1:1 scale Earth.





An alive and ever-changing marketplace

A globe split into chunks with values rising and falling was an elegant solution to represent market in flux.






Flags, a graphic, colorful way to bring humanity to the project

When you buy land you state its nationality, iconic flags echo shapes in other scenes.






Created by Unsaid.

Sound by Lieke Audio


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